Next item on the list: Getting a car

Friday, March 21 2008

Need a car. Need a car for the first time in my life 🙂

So the recap is that since my teens I have this ‘you are grown up if you have the following items …’

Last outstanding item on this list is owning a car. Sadly.

But after living in SF for a 1,5 years, the conclusion is I/we need a car. We have rented cars so often at occasions, the $$ are piling up without us getting the benefit of the 24/7 access.

Public transporting in SF is alright but it is too limiting. And also, anyone with some money owns a car so the people on the Muni is either politically motivated, very poor, weirdos and homeless = kind of extreme people on there. I have seen a homeless piss in a crowded bus, a rat almost showed in my face. All that stuff makes muni-riding unpleasant, unpredictable in bad way.

So a car it will be. I have a few don’ts regarding this too. I don’t like driving American cars, instinctively once I sit them it just feels so wrong. I don’t like these big fuck off cars either. If these cars don’t have a utility usage for them, then I think they are completely unnecessary.

Plus to state the obvious, gas prices will only go one way and that it up-up-and-UP.

An European or Japanese car is what I am after. Most likely it will be a 2nd hand car. Even though new cars in the US are waaaay cheaper then in the UK, at the moment we don’t have that kind of money. If a car cost £20,000 in the UK, then the it will probably cost in the US $20,000 and just remind you £1 = $2

Next thing to decided is lease or buy …. but that is for another post.

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