Wot’z up?

Wednesday, February 20 2008

I am a bit tired, frizzled, fed-up, trying to juggle with one ball too many and then the pinnacle doing some DIY. Oh yeah – I am (not) lovin’ it but I am getting on with stuff and currently dealing with the devil (ie estate agents).

I think I fairly good with keeping my head down and get on with things. They won’t disappear by themselves so …

The good thing is of course being back in London. Oh so I have missed this city!! Crazy huh? But compared to SF, well they don’t really compare since they are two completely different cities.

It is the small things I have missed. And Boots. And M&S. The people and all that fun stuff they are doing like sexual acts on the Tube, the card scamming on the street.

I walk quicker in this city, I eat less and I manage to loose weight *woohoo*

BUT now I want to head back to SF. Feels odd. MH is there, our life is there, our future is there. London will be here when I am ready to move back.

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