An ordinary update

Friday, February 8 2008

You are bored, right? And want to continue to be bored if yes, continue reading this post. If no, click here.

I have been busy doing dull things. A lot of them – never ending it felt like. But now, I see the fruit of doing all that dull stuff.

I have to admit that I have been muttering that next this needs to be done – it is my husbands turn. I have done this twice now – his turn next. And since he actually reads this … heh … message delivered!! 🙂

Being busy and just about stressed enough about things – excluding the drama of the first day – it felt good getting the things done.

When going back to London, of course I told my friends I am in town and want to meet up. This has been a real stressful part because I have busy and (many) unexpected things have forced me to cancel and/or re-schedule to meet up. This is not a social trip so all that is second priority. I need finish it all up asap so I can head back to SF and get on with REAL important stuff.

This blog makes zero sense, does it? I am basically slouched down on the sofa with some in-between time and thought I should produce a low-quality post. Mission: completed 😉

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