Going back to London – for a few weeks

Tuesday, January 29 2008

I will soon be heading back to London for a few weeks to sort out some business. The timing is not great as we are in the middle of setting up the company … but hey I am going to London.A day in London

My dance card is getting filled meet-ups with friends, ex co-workers and visiting friends. Obviously, I need to get on with the actual tasks so it will be full on.

My new, improve blogging commitment might suffer a bit but as always, it is easier to Twitter then to blog. I shall do my best.

What touristy thing should I do when I go to London?

Tower of London, Tower Bridge, take a leisurely scroll down Oxford Street (HA impossible), visit my beloved Green Park. I think I should do something. Any suggestions?

There is a few fav food place I will make sure I will stop by. It is the small, almost silly things that I miss. Like Nandos (the pitabread chicken fillet), Pizza Express, Zizzi and a great little Turkish restaurant near Brick Lane.

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