Still no company name but closing in

Wednesday, January 23 2008

Further on to the points I wrote before about creating a company name … ahem … I should add that one also need to check what company is already incorporated the state.

Anyways … 🙂

Before incorporating a company other points to review are of course if any of the different company company structure is more tax efficient = less tax to be paid.

Tomorrow, we are having a quick chat with our US Tax Accountant if LLC or a Corporation have any advantages.

Gotta say, there is a lot of bits that has to fit in before the thing can get launched. This is fairly familiar ground to me since my background is within in Finance.

One thing I am not so good at is coming up with a name. But we are getting there. All good domains (especially the .com) are taking. Husband sent an email to this guy asking if we could buy the domain and the guy replied … sure for $40k. No go there then.

To be continued …

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