New for 2008

Wednesday, January 9 2008

I am taking the first, expensive steps to a better life & more freedom with my husband.

It is very American thing that we are going to do, but hey … when in Rome (so to speak). We are planning to start our own company. It makes sense cos it will give us the freedom to control our work situation and that HUGE fact that I can apply for a visa too.

Of course there are high hurdles, rules and stipulations but I think there is a good chance to be able to meet them. But until we got the confirmation and the visa in our hand, nothing is certain – we are well of aware of that.

We have had our initial meeting with the lawyer, and the first action points are on the list. Now the choreographing of the tasks can start 🙂 I am looking forward to do all of this, and organising, checking and then double checking are just something that I can rather good at.

As for the creative part like name, design, logos etc – my husband is so much better then me when it comes to stuff like that.

He works so hard so the scarcity is the time we have to discuss all of these things. I am sure it will be a journey with ups and downs – and I will try to blog about it both this time around – joy and frustrations but we gotta try to it!

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