Looking forward

Saturday, January 5 2008

2007 was a difficult year for me. I was/am in position direct opposite of where I was during 2006. I was / am opposite towards my life goals.

My keywords / life goals are independent, self-sufficient and in control of my situation. In London, I had my job and was paid pretty good. I had some friends, a more carefree life.

2007 I was unpaid housewife, being dependent on my husband and also on external parties through my husbands work situation. Quite frankly, I hate all of the above.

The one thing I didn’t have a problem with was to taken the step to start-over again with life, live on v little money. I am talking basic here, for the first months our only furniture was a mattress on the floor. After a couple of months, 7 boxes with stuff from London arrived which made life easier. Gosh when we bought our sofa, what a day it was when it got delivered!!

I have been in unfamiliar situation continuously during 2007. Seriously considering a few times to head back home, start again for the last time. This usually happened after arguments with my husband. Our difference has more come out during this time.

My blog during 2007 has gone downhill. Not willing to write about this stuff, it became superficial and impersonal. With the obvious result, losing most of my readers.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Husband and I are about to start the process to apply for an another visa. This visa will generate better working conditions, renewal is every second year. I will get an universal work visa and/or be able to work though our new company that we are about to set up.

After being in passive mode during 2007, if this comes through, the possibilities are almost blinding.

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