Going back to London – for a few weeks

Tuesday, January 29 2008

I will soon be heading back to London for a few weeks to sort out some business. The timing is not great as we are in the middle of setting up the company … but hey I am going to London.A day in London

My dance card is getting filled meet-ups with friends, ex co-workers and visiting friends. Obviously, I need to get on with the actual tasks so it will be full on.

My new, improve blogging commitment might suffer a bit but as always, it is easier to Twitter then to blog. I shall do my best.

What touristy thing should I do when I go to London?

Tower of London, Tower Bridge, take a leisurely scroll down Oxford Street (HA impossible), visit my beloved Green Park. I think I should do something. Any suggestions?

There is a few fav food place I will make sure I will stop by. It is the small, almost silly things that I miss. Like Nandos (the pitabread chicken fillet), Pizza Express, Zizzi and a great little Turkish restaurant near Brick Lane.

Company name

Saturday, January 26 2008



Still no company name but closing in

Wednesday, January 23 2008

Further on to the points I wrote before about creating a company name … ahem … I should add that one also need to check what company is already incorporated the state.

Anyways … 🙂

Before incorporating a company other points to review are of course if any of the different company company structure is more tax efficient = less tax to be paid.

Tomorrow, we are having a quick chat with our US Tax Accountant if LLC or a Corporation have any advantages.

Gotta say, there is a lot of bits that has to fit in before the thing can get launched. This is fairly familiar ground to me since my background is within in Finance.

One thing I am not so good at is coming up with a name. But we are getting there. All good domains (especially the .com) are taking. Husband sent an email to this guy asking if we could buy the domain and the guy replied … sure for $40k. No go there then.

To be continued …

My aunt’s dog playing around

Thursday, January 17 2008

This is a clip from home @ Xmas. My aunt’s dog is entertaining herself. I am more of a cat person but this is kind of cute, I have to say 🙂

Creating a Company Name

Tuesday, January 15 2008

Well that sounds easy, right?

There are so many dos and don’ts. The real tricky part … once you created the perfect company – is the domain available?? Especially the .com domain!

Being dyslectic, I am used to spelling names wrong but for the normal person out there … the company name should be fairly easy to spell and search for.

The name should be something that people easy can remember and not too long. It either has to describe the business or not at all. Half measure won’t do in my opinion.

Of course, no one else should have used the name … or similar to it. Like change a letter or two and people end up on a porn site … not so good 😉

Guess what we are doing now? Yup. I am not a creative person in this sense so the pressure is on my other half.

New for 2008

Wednesday, January 9 2008

I am taking the first, expensive steps to a better life & more freedom with my husband.

It is very American thing that we are going to do, but hey … when in Rome (so to speak). We are planning to start our own company. It makes sense cos it will give us the freedom to control our work situation and that HUGE fact that I can apply for a visa too.

Of course there are high hurdles, rules and stipulations but I think there is a good chance to be able to meet them. But until we got the confirmation and the visa in our hand, nothing is certain – we are well of aware of that.

We have had our initial meeting with the lawyer, and the first action points are on the list. Now the choreographing of the tasks can start 🙂 I am looking forward to do all of this, and organising, checking and then double checking are just something that I can rather good at.

As for the creative part like name, design, logos etc – my husband is so much better then me when it comes to stuff like that.

He works so hard so the scarcity is the time we have to discuss all of these things. I am sure it will be a journey with ups and downs – and I will try to blog about it both this time around – joy and frustrations but we gotta try to it!

I heart Icanhascheezburger

Tuesday, January 8 2008

Almost every day, I am checking their site and it makes me smile 🙂

Funny Picturesfunny pictures
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Ah life little ironies

Sunday, January 6 2008

I am ready to get going with our new project – there are loads of tasks to get done – plus I am looking forward to work with it.

But some duties in London is calling so I will be making a trip back at the end of the month and hopefully will get that done in 2-3 weeks.

I knew about this for a little while but there was slight possibility to push this trip forward a few months but there I go…

It is not a big deal. And going back to London is not a chore – just the flight 🙂

Looking forward

Saturday, January 5 2008

2007 was a difficult year for me. I was/am in position direct opposite of where I was during 2006. I was / am opposite towards my life goals.

My keywords / life goals are independent, self-sufficient and in control of my situation. In London, I had my job and was paid pretty good. I had some friends, a more carefree life.

2007 I was unpaid housewife, being dependent on my husband and also on external parties through my husbands work situation. Quite frankly, I hate all of the above.

The one thing I didn’t have a problem with was to taken the step to start-over again with life, live on v little money. I am talking basic here, for the first months our only furniture was a mattress on the floor. After a couple of months, 7 boxes with stuff from London arrived which made life easier. Gosh when we bought our sofa, what a day it was when it got delivered!!

I have been in unfamiliar situation continuously during 2007. Seriously considering a few times to head back home, start again for the last time. This usually happened after arguments with my husband. Our difference has more come out during this time.

My blog during 2007 has gone downhill. Not willing to write about this stuff, it became superficial and impersonal. With the obvious result, losing most of my readers.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Husband and I are about to start the process to apply for an another visa. This visa will generate better working conditions, renewal is every second year. I will get an universal work visa and/or be able to work though our new company that we are about to set up.

After being in passive mode during 2007, if this comes through, the possibilities are almost blinding.