Coming up: Xmas break *yay*

Friday, December 14 2007

It is time to head home for the Xmas break. YAY!!!!

I can not wait to be home, seeing my family and I have a meet-up with my bestest girlfriends next Saturday for lunch.

I am a 100% Xmas person, I loooove Xmas, the decoration, the food, spending time with family, the same stuff each year. I don’t associate Xmas with anything religious – but hey thanks for a great hols 🙂

And the opposite is true for New Year Eve celebration. I don’t like, don’t understand what the big deal is, don’t see the point with it but I am ok for the rest of you to enjoy it. 🙂

Going home this year is extra sweet since last year we had to stay in SF. That was one of the two worst Xmas ever.

But this year, I am going home *is v happy*

Blogging will be minimum except for the twittering. That is easy to keep up.

Have a fun & joyful Christmas everybody!!

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