Back again

Friday, December 28 2007

Funny thing with going home to family. It is so fun & nice to go home but them again it so good to be back at our own place.

Got a cold, deep cough, blocked nose … and flying – especially landing – is not fun. It was me and the kiddies that were crying & moaning.

Anyways, Xmas was great and I had a good time. Here is some pics:





Coming up: Xmas break *yay*

Friday, December 14 2007

It is time to head home for the Xmas break. YAY!!!!

I can not wait to be home, seeing my family and I have a meet-up with my bestest girlfriends next Saturday for lunch.

I am a 100% Xmas person, I loooove Xmas, the decoration, the food, spending time with family, the same stuff each year. I don’t associate Xmas with anything religious – but hey thanks for a great hols 🙂

And the opposite is true for New Year Eve celebration. I don’t like, don’t understand what the big deal is, don’t see the point with it but I am ok for the rest of you to enjoy it. 🙂

Going home this year is extra sweet since last year we had to stay in SF. That was one of the two worst Xmas ever.

But this year, I am going home *is v happy*

Blogging will be minimum except for the twittering. That is easy to keep up.

Have a fun & joyful Christmas everybody!!


If you popped over to my site to see who behind the request to join your group etc … well, it wasn’t me.

It is easy to fake the email header ie who the email was sent from. And there is nothing that I can do about that.

I have said the following over and over and over again:

People that reply, click or in anyway interact with a spam email are the ones guilty for keeping the spammers in business.

Do not do anything with a spam email, and never reply to them saying “Take me off your email list”. If you do this, then you have just verified that the email address is live.

And for you spammers: – stop pestering us!!

As far as I understand it, America’s electoral collage’s system was arranged in time where communication was not so developed. It took a few days to travel from the West Coast to D.C. These days the news and result from each state is instant.

With the current system, it is not a true representative of One man/woman for One Vote as it depends in which state you live. Being a Democrat in Texas or Republican in California … well that vote is not being fully weighted as it is usually a minority in those states.

With two opposing candidates, a voting system with proportion voting (I think it might be called National or Popular vote here in the US) is doable, more fair and more representative of the political landscape of the US.

I am not a huge fan of the UK voting system either. It produces an executive government at the cost of votes are not being equal. I prefer the proportion system but that has the risk of less executive power for the ruling party so consensus is important.

The only US candidate that has reached me is Barack Obama. No other candidate has reached me with their message. I watched Barack’s speech in South Carolina via Ustream today. I got that info from his twitter.

The speech was good, no fear mongering. He talked about what his solutions to the current issues are. No trashing other candidates, in general it was a positive attitude. If I could, I would vote for him.

Hillary does not appeal to me at all, that would just be 4 more years with the same corporate / lobby power houses in charge. Afterall, she took money from the insurance industries after they almost tore her to bits a couple of years ago. Where is her morals? Corporate America has disproportion influence of American politics and I think it is hurting the US. If something is hurting the US, then the rest of the world gets some that too.


Thursday, December 6 2007

I got tagged by Grand Weepers so that solved the problem what my next blog post was going to be. And by reading this, you are now tagged by default 😉

Seven things about me:

1. I am a very happy Twitter user. I have used Twitter for a year now – I believe it is my one anniversary today. Yay to Twitter!

2. I love Christmas – but I do not care about New Year Eve. Just another evening for me. As for Christmas, to me it is all about spending time with my family and eating lots of good food. It has no religious tone for us but I am grateful for the holiday so thanks!

3. I am not a patience person (I have some buffer but not much) but when I am in airport or traveling then I can wait the time needed without any problem.

4. I like Britney Spear’s new album Blackout – am listening to it while writing this.

5. Daily sites I visit are: icanhascheezburger – a good LOL & they are on Twitter too, BBC news (my start page), TMZ, Gmail, TheHungerSite and a few more.

6. I would a great tester for the warm water supply in a building. All I need to do is to take my usual looooong shower and I can tell you. I have been known to finish off the warm water supply.

7. My dream job is either to be a Diet Coke quality tester or the guy (girl in my case) that wipes the helmet visor on F1 drivers.