LA walkabout

Friday, November 30 2007

I had time to spend while I was in LA so I tried to see different areas. The main two were Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach.

Gotta say that I was quite impressed by the street lights on Rodeo drive:Chandeliers as street lights

It was very nice and tidy – everything gear up for a pleasant spending experience (not that I have that kind of money) 

Nice and tidy shopping experienceWindow display at Rodeo DrV cool shop - dunno the nameBuilding as package

Santa Monica beach was beautiful and not many people around when I was there, which of course helped 🙂 I believe it is Mailbu in the background. Some smoke was still lingering after the wild fires.

Santa Monica BeachStreet of Santa Monica

Ok so I was slight naughty and took some pic while the car was not a stand still. This pic I am turning and taking the corner too narrow and I saw in my mirror a police car so I swiftly put the camera away.

I know I have seen LA from its best side but I can’t help but look at the difference between LA and SF. I twitter’d it while thinking about it – this is why I love twitter, easy way to express my thoughts.

The weather is so much nicer in LA, kind of easy cos with SF’s wind and ever changing weather is difficult to be worse. There were hardly any homeless people around, I saw only one and he was doing pushups on the pavement – ha like to see that happen in SF! Few people walk in LA, whereas I feel I see and notice more things while walking. Absent in LA is the people & cars smelling of weed, which is frequent is SF 😉

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