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Sunday, November 25 2007

Before the weekend, I decided to treat ourselves and get some bits from Whole Food. Outside of the store, the following exchange happened:

Campaigner: Impeach Cheney

Me: That’s would be a good start

Campaigner: Do you have any money for our cause?

Me: No, just got me credit card with me (me thinking: as if I would give you money!!)

Campaigner: Can I have your credit card?

Me: No (and starting to walk away)

Campaigner: Can you buy us dinner?

Me: No, I am not that rich

Campaigner: Here take some literature and spread the word.

Me: Grabbing papers and walks away.

I didn’t look at the stuff until I came home and I wish I had done that while I was there cos there would have been WORDS in a total different way.

So this is what I got:


Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???

Skimming through the paper – just so I can write this post – basically the British BAE with high level inside US help ‘did the 9/11’

Oh I am going to talk about this but not in the way that would suit you, Campaigner of nutty nuts! But first off, I don’t disagree with his rights of saying this shit … I do disagree with the shit.

I have been blissful unaware of this group Larouche. Correct me if I am wrong but this seems to be a extreme left-wing with an overdose of the USA is supreme.

According to them, the British is behind the bad reaction and situation the US is now involved in. Well news flash, the USA got themselves in to this bad mess all by themselves. Take the responsibility of your own action and work out an acceptable solution rather then to point fingers at another party.

This group is blaming the Bush admin for crating an fake enemy … but read your own words, you are doing the exactly the same by blaming it on the Brits.

Britain has suffered badly by going down this road with the US. The one thing I would say it the start of this mess was un-democratic. I believe that Tony Blair made a promise to GWB that he could not keep by following the democratic rules.

Either impeach the current admin to verify if the democratic rules were followed to start this war or move on. I believe it should be tested.

I like reading blogs that has another political stance then my own. Incognito, a republican, has a great blog and on some issues we agree and other we don’t. It is good to read things that you don’t always agree with.

Reading drivel like this: “the operation (me: 9/11) was run against the United States by whom? It was run against it by the British Empire” The sad thing is that this group are serious with this statement. No facts are to back up their case are stated.

Another outrageous accusation: London is behind the continuous war to Iran. “Cheney, the friends of Cheney in London, In BAE and the Saudi accomplices in the BAE-the same crowd that gave you 9/11, are behind it all”

Next bashing point is the European (me: democratic) system where there is a upper ruling (hmm, they just have to use loaded statement to get their so called message across) that dominates the society. If anything, the US is a closer at the top then in Europe. If you are not a white, rich WASP with Harvard/Yale etc background you do not stand a chance to be in higher office. In Europe, it is much more open so their argument is 100% wrong.

“We’re living in,essentially, a British Empire. That is, the world us run by a money system, called a “free-market system”” There is a higher power then government in Europe called Central banking, which is private central banking.

First, the central banks in Europe are NOT private.

Secondly, and the US has not the same institution? I believe there is such a thing called the Federal Bank that sets the interest rates.

This group needs a reality check, stop with the fear-mongering and add something more positive to society.

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