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Wednesday, November 14 2007

I have started using some new services and programs and I thought I should share them with you.

I have not quite yet worked out how all of them work 🙂

New GTD (Getting Things Done or as I chose to say, Get It Done) services are popping up more and more.

Jott is a service that you can call (free 866 number) say your massage either to yourself and to any of your registered contacts and it will convert your message to an email.

The scenario I see is: I am busy doing something and then a random To Do thought pops – these thoughts always have a bad timing. The idea is then to take 1 minute out, call Jott and leave my message and then deal with the remind once I am done with the current task.

Jott is also linkable to Twitter, Yahoo Groups, Blogger, WordPress and a few more. (Sandy) well I managed to get my account activated while writing this blog post 🙂 I think this probably a young site which needs some patience. The way this service work is that you can cc or email directly your appointments / action points and it will send you reminders via emails or txt/SMSs.

Jott and Sandy are connected so I can add Sandy to Jott contacts and get my reminds that way.

Now over two Twitter application.

Snitter is a really sweet app. You can tweak around with the setting and choose the colour you like, for how long a the notification will display, sound or no sound. It works well and hog a bit of memory but not a show stopper. Easy to send Direct msg or replys if I want to that. The only negative I can say about it is that the notification does not always show the whole message.


Spaz is good too. I like the layout. However, it is more unstable then Snitter. Sometimes it hogs lots of memory (195MB is the high score so far). I really want to like this program so I am being patient as I can be. I think it will improve over time 🙂 There is less tweaking re layout, and notifications etc


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