Denver, Colorado

Sunday, November 4 2007

I am in Denver, CO for a few days. What a nice change it has been from San Francisco.

The scenery with the mountains in the background is beautiful. The air is fresh. And it has been warm, I brought with my think jacket, warm clothes etc and the sun has been out all the time.

What a view!!!!

The city is clean – big change from SF and I have not seen any homeless people around either.

Size-wise, the city is huge – got a good over look while flying in – and around 550,000 people live here. Everyone has been friendly but so are people in SF.

They have a great supply of steakhouses here too 🙂

Baseball SirlonsteakIMG_3779

My kind of meat restaurant!

There is plenty of parking around but with some weird rules re over-night parking and hardly any in-and-out privileges. Disclaimer: I am biased cos I got a bloody parking ticket despite having paid. These people will get a visit from me on Monday – that is given.

More pic over at my Flickr.

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