LA walkabout

Friday, November 30 2007

I had time to spend while I was in LA so I tried to see different areas. The main two were Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach.

Gotta say that I was quite impressed by the street lights on Rodeo drive:Chandeliers as street lights

It was very nice and tidy – everything gear up for a pleasant spending experience (not that I have that kind of money) 

Nice and tidy shopping experienceWindow display at Rodeo DrV cool shop - dunno the nameBuilding as package

Santa Monica beach was beautiful and not many people around when I was there, which of course helped ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe it is Mailbu in the background. Some smoke was still lingering after the wild fires.

Santa Monica BeachStreet of Santa Monica

Ok so I was slight naughty and took some pic while the car was not a stand still. This pic I am turning and taking the corner too narrow and I saw in my mirror a police car so I swiftly put the camera away.

I know I have seen LA from its best side but I can’t help but look at the difference between LA and SF. I twitter’d it while thinking about it – this is why I love twitter, easy way to express my thoughts.

The weather is so much nicer in LA, kind of easy cos with SF’s wind and ever changing weather is difficult to be worse. There were hardly any homeless people around, I saw only one and he was doing pushups on the pavement – ha like to see that happen in SF! Few people walk in LA, whereas I feel I see and notice more things while walking. Absent in LA is the people & cars smelling of weed, which is frequent is SF ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another day in San Francisco …

Sunday, November 25 2007

Before the weekend, I decided to treat ourselves and get some bits from Whole Food. Outside of the store, the following exchange happened:

Campaigner: Impeach Cheney

Me: That’s would be a good start

Campaigner: Do you have any money for our cause?

Me: No, just got me credit card with me (me thinking: as if I would give you money!!)

Campaigner: Can I have your credit card?

Me: No (and starting to walk away)

Campaigner: Can you buy us dinner?

Me: No, I am not that rich

Campaigner: Here take some literature and spread the word.

Me: Grabbing papers and walks away.

I didn’t look at the stuff until I came home and I wish I had done that while I was there cos there would have been WORDS in a total different way.

So this is what I got:


Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???

Skimming through the paper – just so I can write this post – basically the British BAE with high level inside US help ‘did the 9/11’

Oh I am going to talk about this but not in the way that would suit you, Campaigner of nutty nuts! But first off, I don’t disagree with his rights of saying this shit … I do disagree with the shit.

I have been blissful unaware of this group Larouche. Correct me if I am wrong but this seems to be a extreme left-wing with an overdose of the USA is supreme.

According to them, the British is behind the bad reaction and situation the US is now involved in. Well news flash, the USA got themselves in to this bad mess all by themselves. Take the responsibility of your own action and work out an acceptable solution rather then to point fingers at another party.

This group is blaming the Bush admin for crating an fake enemy … but read your own words, you are doing the exactly the same by blaming it on the Brits.

Britain has suffered badly by going down this road with the US. The one thing I would say it the start of this mess was un-democratic. I believe that Tony Blair made a promise to GWB that he could not keep by following the democratic rules.

Either impeach the current admin to verify if the democratic rules were followed to start this war or move on. I believe it should be tested.

I like reading blogs that has another political stance then my own. Incognito, a republican, has a great blog and on some issues we agree and other we don’t. It is good to read things that you don’t always agree with.

Reading drivel like this: “the operation (me: 9/11) was run against the United States by whom? It was run against it by the British Empire” The sad thing is that this group are serious with this statement. No facts are to back up their case are stated.

Another outrageous accusation: London is behind the continuous war to Iran. “Cheney, the friends of Cheney in London, In BAE and the Saudi accomplices in the BAE-the same crowd that gave you 9/11, are behind it all”

Next bashing point is the European (me: democratic) system where there is a upper ruling (hmm, they just have to use loaded statement to get their so called message across) that dominates the society. If anything, the US is a closer at the top then in Europe. If you are not a white, rich WASP with Harvard/Yale etc background you do not stand a chance to be in higher office. In Europe, it is much more open so their argument is 100% wrong.

“We’re living in,essentially, a British Empire. That is, the world us run by a money system, called a “free-market system”” There is a higher power then government in Europe called Central banking, which is private central banking.

First, the central banks in Europe are NOT private.

Secondly, and the US has not the same institution? I believe there is such a thing called the Federal Bank that sets the interest rates.

This group needs a reality check, stop with the fear-mongering and add something more positive to society.

Free things found on da net

Wednesday, November 14 2007

I have started using some new services and programs and I thought I should share them with you.

I have not quite yet worked out how all of them work ๐Ÿ™‚

New GTD (Getting Things Done or as I chose to say, Get It Done) services are popping up more and more.

Jott is a service that you can call (free 866 number) say your massage either to yourself and to any of your registered contacts and it will convert your message to an email.

The scenario I see is: I am busy doing something and then a random To Do thought pops – these thoughts always have a bad timing. The idea is then to take 1 minute out, call Jott and leave my message and then deal with the remind once I am done with the current task.

Jott is also linkable to Twitter, Yahoo Groups, Blogger, WordPress and a few more. (Sandy) well I managed to get my account activated while writing this blog post ๐Ÿ™‚ I think this probably a young site which needs some patience. The way this service work is that you can cc or email directly your appointments / action points and it will send you reminders via emails or txt/SMSs.

Jott and Sandy are connected so I can add Sandy to Jott contacts and get my reminds that way.

Now over two Twitter application.

Snitter is a really sweet app. You can tweak around with the setting and choose the colour you like, for how long a the notification will display, sound or no sound. It works well and hog a bit of memory but not a show stopper. Easy to send Direct msg or replys if I want to that. The only negative I can say about it is that the notification does not always show the whole message.


Spaz is good too. I like the layout. However, it is more unstable then Snitter. Sometimes it hogs lots of memory (195MB is the high score so far). I really want to like this program so I am being patient as I can be. I think it will improve over time ๐Ÿ™‚ There is less tweaking re layout, and notifications etc


The leader of the Muslim Council of Britain has given / been interviewed by The Daily Telegraph.

He just does not get it – he asking the British society to change to Islamic standards rather the urging to Muslim community to fit in better with the British society.

He implies that the UK society could be like the 1930s Nazi with “people’s minds can be poisoned”. This makes me angry (maybe his intention) and it is one of the worst insults that can be said about the British. The British stood up and fought the oppression of the Nazi domination. The cost in both lives and financial burden were enormous. If Britain had not won – you, Dr Bari, would not be allowed in Europe and certainly not be allowed to exercise Free Speech or Islam.

I honestly believe that the British society has been very accommodating non-British culture – all that is expected is that UK laws are being followed. Is that so damn hard?

He goes on to say:

Everybody can learn from everyone. Some of the Muslim principles can help social cohesion – family, marriage, raising children with boundaries, giving to the poor, not being too greedy

Sounds good at first look, doesn’t it? BUT this is not just “Muslim principal” it is implying that no other faith or society have these principals. Also, where is the tolerance for the non-traditional families and the homosexuals? No promotion of diversity either. As for giving to the poor, the Islamic states have massive oil resources that brings in huge incomes … how much are these states giving to the poor in their own countries? Or the problems in Africa? Or the UN?

This is another quote far away from enlightenment:

Dr Bari believes Britain would benefit from a little more morality: “Religion has principles that can help society รขโ‚ฌยฆ Sex before marriage is unacceptable in Islam รขโ‚ฌยฆ On adultery and living together we should try to go back to the religiously informed style of life that helps society”

I do not think for a minute (or a second) that they live as they practice. There are already Islamic States and if these ‘benefits’ are so superior – then why not move there? Like the Western values and comfort too much?

Abortion should also be made more difficult. “By the time a foetus is 12 weeks old our religion says that the child has got a spirit.” Homosexuality is “unacceptable from the religious point of view”.

Is stoning ever justified? “It depends what sort of stoning and what circumstances,” he replies.

Abortion is legal (up to 24 weeks?) and should remain so! Respect the UK laws – they are based on medical facts and voters opinions. And homosexuals are humans too (!!) and with this statement he does not give them the same respect as he ask for himself for being Muslim. Stoning? Yeah let’s mob mentality rule (sarcasm).

The benefit of a free society is that Dr Bari can say what he thinks, very nice freedom isn’t it? Should really be implemented in whole world! He agenda seems to be to restrict the British society rather then to make the Islamic part of the world more free.


Thursday, November 8 2007

I like history, and this is something I can read for my own enjoyment. But I have not been interested of all history, like anything from 1st World War and onwards plus US history have not interested me.

However, while in Rome (so to speak) I should open up my mind and learn some new things. While in Denver, I went to Colorado Historical Society.


Yes, it was slight amusing that the history timeline started at 1800 and seeing a note when peanut butter was invented. But it was worth a visit and only charged $7. I took pics – mostly v blurry ๐Ÿ™

Here is a short re-cap of the history … the test will be on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

1803 – US buys Colorado from the French via the Louisiana Purchase

1808 – African slave trade becomes prohibited

1810 – US population is 7,239,000

1812 – US declares war on Britain

1814 – British burn Washington

1815 – Battle of Waterloo and Battle of New Orleans.

1816 – 1st US savings bank, Baltimore first city to use gas lighting.

1819 – US’s first major banking crisis

1820 – US population is 9,638,000

1825 – US adopts Indian removal police

1835-36 War for Texas Independence, Colt revolver patented

1840 – US population is 17,089,453

1841 – President Harrison dies (first president to die while in office)

1842 – Settlers begin migration to Oregon

1844 – First commercial treaty with China

1845 – Annexation of Texas

1848 – Oregon territory created, gold discovered in California

1850 – US population 23,261,000, Territories of New Mexico, Utah organized and California admitted as a state.

1852 – Elisha Otis invents the passenger elevator.

1854 – Lincoln attacks slavery: Peoria Speech

1859 – First Texas cattle drive to Denver

1860 – US population 33,443,000

1861 – Telegraph spans the US

1862 – Sioux uprising in Minnesota

1864 – Grant assumes command of Union armies

1865 – Lincoln assassinated, Slavery abolished through 13th Amendment

1866 – Ku Klux Klan organized

1867 – US buys Alaska from Russia

1868 – Blacks granted citizenship by 14th Amendment

1869 – Wyoming first to give women right to vote

1870 – US population 39,818,000. Blacks gain vote by 15th Amendment.

1875 – Sioux war begins

1876 – Bell patents the telephone, Custer wiped out at Battle of the Little Big Horn

1880 – US population 56,155,000

1885 – Daimler develops internal combustion enegine

1889 – Oklahoma land rush

1890 – US population 62,947,714 Peanut butter invented

1895 – Supreme Court declares income tax unconstitutional

1898 – Spanish – American war

1900 – US population 75,994,575

1901 – Oil discovered in Texas

1906 – San Francisco earthquake

1910 – US population 91,172,226

1918-1919 Influenza kills 500,000 Americans

1919 – Race riots occurs in 26 cities

1920 – US population 106,446,000

1921 – First immigration quota law passed

1925 – 400,000 KKK march in Washington

1930 – US population 123,000,000

Denver, Colorado

Sunday, November 4 2007

I am in Denver, CO for a few days. What a nice change it has been from San Francisco.

The scenery with the mountains in the background is beautiful. The air is fresh. And it has been warm, I brought with my think jacket, warm clothes etc and the sun has been out all the time.

What a view!!!!

The city is clean – big change from SF and I have not seen any homeless people around either.

Size-wise, the city is huge – got a good over look while flying in – and around 550,000 people live here. Everyone has been friendly but so are people in SF.

They have a great supply of steakhouses here too ๐Ÿ™‚

Baseball SirlonsteakIMG_3779

My kind of meat restaurant!

There is plenty of parking around but with some weird rules re over-night parking and hardly any in-and-out privileges. Disclaimer: I am biased cos I got a bloody parking ticket despite having paid. These people will get a visit from me on Monday – that is given.

More pic over at my Flickr.