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Thursday, October 25 2007

Ian is right – the subject of EU has many sides and shades of gray. In my previous post, I pointed two actions that I thought was good for EU.

There is also a lot of problems and things that needs vastly improve.

My answer to Ian’s comment becomes its own post here:

I am uncomfortable with the current political EU, I am certainly 100% against a United States of Europe. That would be a huge and irrevocable mistake to form. Europe is infinite more multifaceted then what the USA is.

I do not recognize the current European “parliament” due to the single fact that it does not have the basic power of a parliament. The composition of the EU “parliament” does not reflect the composition on the European Commission (executive power). I have never voted in the EU “parliament” elections as I do not recognize it as legit. Either it is the national parliament that represent the people or a Federation has been created that supersede (may this never happened!!) the national level.
It is either or, it can’t be both.

Just because it has the name of parliament does not mean it fulfill the basic requirements. Hey what directorship does not gives its assembly a legit name? The elections in the old Soviet had a turnout of 99% but would we call that a democracy? No.

BTW, USA is a democracy but is not a parliamentarian state.

Also, shame on PM Gordon Brown not calling an election this autumn. He does not sit with the mandate of the people and he is a coward. Tony Blair actually said that he only listens to the voters on 1 (one) day … after that it is all his decisions. Disgusting but then again he could not go any further down in my estimate.

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