The ones I do like are:

Mad Men – I LOVE this show. LOVE IT!! Very well made, excellent dialog, smart, subtle, ironic, great acting with no clear & obvious ending.

Life – yes I know another cop show but this cop was sent to to jail for crime he didn’t do so he has a score to settle. He got lots of $$$ from a settlement, behaves independently.

Carpoolers – 4 dudes carpool to work. Funny sitcom.

The IT Crowd – hilarious! Second season much better then the first one.

Americans Next Top Model – season 9 and are still going strong. Even though it is predicable (the make-over ep was nothing special ;( ) the show still has IT. Heather to win!!

Chuck – an action film shorten to a TV ep 🙂 And it is about a geek being a hero

Bionic woman – not completely sold on this one yet. The lead actress is slight dull. Starbucks from Battlestar Galactica is in it = rocks

The ones I don’t like:

Journeyman – it is based in SF (yay), the guy from Rome (yay) but it is dull and don’t have special chemistry.

Pushing Daises – quirky a la Ugly Betty style but I have not warmed to this show. Maybe if I continue to watch but uncertain if I will.

Gossip girl – ahem I read the books :sheepish: so I don’t think the TV series will be better.

Tell me you love me – about a 2 or 3 couple with almost too real couple problems. I use TV to distract me for real life.

Damages – started good but has lost tempo. More watching this to find out who did what. And Glen Close is in it – I love Glen Close.


My other shows are Desperate Housewives (still good), The Closer (season ended), Numb3rs, Reno911!, Weeds, Ugly Betty.

What is your take on these shows? Or do you have any other shows that you like or don’t like? Plz let me know 🙂

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