Back from a holiday in Maui

Thursday, October 4 2007

It was very convenient to fly to Maui, Hawaii … on the domestic flight, no customs or immigration coming back and ‘only’ 5h30min flight time = no jetlag.

It was my first time and I loved the weather. Nice temperature, strong sun and not too humid so the AC went off quickly. The beach of Kaanapali was superb.Kaanapali Beach

The sea was equally superb. It has a strong changeable current.Kaanapali Beach

Maui is a fairly small island but there is still few things to see & do. I don’t DO too touristy things – it bores me beyond belief so no Hula dances, no booze cruises etc. In the literature available, the ’10 top things to do in Maui’ are all commercial stuff.

This is what we did, except being on the beach, one trip to the volcano Haleakala, which is 10,053 feet above sea level.Nice day above the clouds

Not every day one can look down on the clouds 🙂 The drive was fun and interesting to see how the vegetation changing so quickly. On the way down the visibility got so bad that it was only possible to see 5 meters / 15 feet ahead.

And speaking of fun driving, in north Maui the (only) road is so narrow – at points barely 1 lane wide – that the rental car companies states that no rental cars are allowed on that road. Unfortunately 😉 we read that after the trip. North Maui

There is another road trip to do, driving to Hana. Around 600 turns and is apparently test of patience. Since I am the one doing the driving, I knew that would bore me to death – click on this to see why. Plus there is nothing in Hana to see either.

I was surprised to see Gucci, Louis Vuitton and numerous art shops in the shopping malls near the Resorts. Guess there is a lot of rich people that goes to Maui and need some distraction too 🙂

People were friendly, well except for the lady in the Kaanapali Beach Hotel Gift shop who didn’t like to be given a $20 bill for a $2 purchase …

More pics at my Flickr.

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