In a FREE world

Sunday, September 23 2007

In a Free world there is tolerance for those who speak against this Freedom.

We have some friends visiting from overseas and they found out that there was a Festival in Chinatown here in SF. The Chinatown here in SF is rather authentic and quite similar to Shanghai, that we have visited on a holiday. London’s Chinatown is awful and v touristy btw.

It was not that much of what I call a Festival, more like an excuse to trade. But what did impress me was this banner, telling us what the occasion was.

58th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Rebulic of China

Celebrate the 58th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China.

Somehow I don’t see there will be an anniversary festival of the founding of the United States of America in China 😉

Plz note that I, accidentally, managed to get the Flags of the US and California in this picture too!

It is impressive to see this celebration being allowed to take place, and I am so sure if this could be done in all of the countries in the Western World.

After walking down the street, I saw this woman carrying a sign for Falun Gong, a movement against the current administration in China.Falun Gong

Falun Gong

Again, this is a fantastic display of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Freedom of Speech is above anything and anyone; No Person, No organisation, No Country, No Government and NO RELIGION are above Freedom of Speech.

As expected, there was some weird stuff at this Festival – my pic are over at my Flickr in the normal random order of Flickr 🙁 but here is some best bits.

Chinese weaponFuture gadgetGreat dealGreat deal

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