Microsoft is pushing

Sunday, September 9 2007

I use Windows Live Writer for writing my blog posts and it is great program. It works, easy to use, never had any problems with it and every so often there is a new version to download.

To my surprise, Microsoft was pushing for me to download their other products. (And below is also a sneaky peak of what is on my desktop 😉 )MS pushing

Let me be clear, I was only interested to download the Writer not the whole Live suite and nowhere on their site did it mentioned  other products. If it did, it was not clear. Wrong wrong wrong!

I use a PC and Microsoft products, I am aware of the ‘evilness’ done by them. However for me, M$ works and makes my life easy. But not to any price.

For IM’s, I use other software like Pidgin (open source, I think), online spreadsheets there is Google’s or Thinkfree. The latest one MH showed me was Smartsheet. I have only had a quick look at it but it looks like a good way of sharing info, email etc.

Maybe Mircosoft is feeling the competition more & more and going to further length to make the user have their products. Be aware!

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