Clouded Leopard

Sunday, September 2 2007

Have you heard of about this species?

I hadn’t until one day last week, at the gym where there is free TV, watching Animal Planet and a program about two clouded leopard cubs. I think this is one of the cubs.

TV can be a great source of information 😉

These beautiful cats lives mainly in the tree tops in the rainforest in Asia. (picture taken by Tim Ellis)

The Clouded leopard has a long tail which must be good when jumping around in the trees. (picture taken by guppiecat) Another beautiful picture of Clouded Leopard is this one – photo by the photographer Donna Tomlin:

Thank you so much Donna for letting me use your picture! 🙂 🙂

one – it’s under All Rights reserved so I don’t think I can use it on my blog.

I love the pattern on the coat – it is different from the other big cats. The paws are also bigger then the other big cats. The canine teeth is very impressive or this pic. Basically, it is very suitable living in the tree tops.

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