SDIAF (spammers die in a fire)

Tuesday, August 14 2007

Today this domain got used and inundated with spam. I am so pissed off about it. Header is from linuxchic and our twitter convo

I didn’t get much spam before but today from 11.00 – to now 15.30 – have received over 2,000 spam emails that bounced. Who knows how many actually went through?

Some did, cos people replied to it. 🙁

Some basic re email in general;

*The FROM field is dead easy to change

*Never EVER reply to a spam email cos that just validates your email address.

*Hell, don’t even open or click on a spam email just delete it or if you are on gMail report it as spam.

Some of the emails I received are Out of Office replies. I am deleting those cos I don’t want  to have every Out of Office classed as spam – some might actually be legit.

Vanquish is stopping the spam and asking me to confirm that the emails came from me … well I won’t since it is spam.

I got a few requests from Yahoo groups to confirm the sign up … not doing that either.

Well, as end of this post the spam count – oh the temptation – is now over 2,200

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