Beverly Hills

Friday, August 10 2007

I was in Beverly Hills for less then then a day thanks to delays of both United and American Airlines. From my first time going on a domestic flight in the US and my godness that was dire stuff!!

We were going from SFO to Burbank, which according to Google maps takes 5h35min to drive. Flying, we landed at LAX after midnight rather then planned time 9pm at Burbank airport.

United canceled their flight after delaying it a few times and rebooked us to an American, which in their turn completely messed up the treatment of my check-in bag. It didn’t make onto the AA flight so we instructed them to delivery it to our SF address. By luck and sussed United employee, my bag was in Burbank so we took it home.

Moan over, now to the main point 😉

I liked having a peak around in Beverly Hills. MH had someone to see which gave me some free time … however I was knackered from just a few hours sleep so I kept it fairly quite. I drove passed Rodeo Drive and that area … very nice. I sat down at a Starbucks on Wilshire Dr and then I went around for a drive I the area.

The weather was so fab … not this damn constant cool-ish wind that is always on in SF. It was much cleaner and no bums around but then again, it was one of THE nice area in LA.

I think this is the skyline of LA – not that impressive.

LA Downtown skyline?I was here

From driving around:

Palm treesKitson

Houses in da hood:


I found a Parisian cafe and they had huge cinnamon bun *hooooray*

More cinnamon

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