War – not so good

Monday, August 27 2007

No it is not the obvious statement but of course war is not good.

I meant the film War and that was – to my disappointment – not so good or I had too high expectations. I am a big fan of Jason Statham (= whoa!) but this was not his best film. The title sucks too and is misleading.

Once I gave decided to see a film, I avoid the trailer like plague since they give away too much of the good stuff of the film.

To my surprise, War is based in San Francisco so the extra kick was to work where the scenes were from. I was annoyed that they used the clip driving on Golden Gate bridge twice. And there was no proper car chase scene … c’mon it is San Francisco dammit!!

Comparing seeing images from London and SF, London is the one yanking my chain. London is still closet to my heart.

SDIAF part 2

Friday, August 24 2007

Linuxchic had some fun and created the cool badge:


I like it and I am going to get around to up it on my sidebar 🙂

It looks like moaning about spammers has helped, no major activity on that frond has happened *knock on wood*


And to another subject:

just saw this – hilarious –  LMFAO


SDIAF (spammers die in a fire)

Tuesday, August 14 2007

Today this domain got used and inundated with spam. I am so pissed off about it. Header is from linuxchic and our twitter convo

I didn’t get much spam before but today from 11.00 – to now 15.30 – have received over 2,000 spam emails that bounced. Who knows how many actually went through?

Some did, cos people replied to it. 🙁

Some basic re email in general;

*The FROM field is dead easy to change

*Never EVER reply to a spam email cos that just validates your email address.

*Hell, don’t even open or click on a spam email just delete it or if you are on gMail report it as spam.

Some of the emails I received are Out of Office replies. I am deleting those cos I don’t want  to have every Out of Office classed as spam – some might actually be legit.

Vanquish is stopping the spam and asking me to confirm that the emails came from me … well I won’t since it is spam.

I got a few requests from Yahoo groups to confirm the sign up … not doing that either.

Well, as end of this post the spam count – oh the temptation – is now over 2,200

Petrol differences

Monday, August 13 2007

So many people keep saying / complaining that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US. Well, it is.


SF 87 unleaded: $3.67 per gallon

Beverly Hills 87 unleaded: $2.89 per gallon

So it is cheaper to buy petrol in bloody Beverly Hills then downtown San Francisco. I am pissed off and I don’t even own a car (still reading the California Drivers handbook).

Any readers in the UK might wishfully wish that they could pay the equivalent of $3.67 per gallon as they pay 96.3 pence per litre which is about £3.64 per gallon which is about $7.32 per gallon. Did I do my math right? If only the metric system could rule the world 😉

This is the reason why Europeans don’t really drive huge big-ass trucks as is so common here the in US.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to drive such a big cars. It is further between places so Americans drives longer and then add on the fuel guzzling tanks driven … people could save a lot of money by driving more fuel economic cars. And then there is some added benefits like environment, less dependent on other less-then-friendly countries to provide the fuel, and general health of population cos of breathing less fumes.

Just sayin’ …

Beverly Hills

Friday, August 10 2007

I was in Beverly Hills for less then then a day thanks to delays of both United and American Airlines. From my first time going on a domestic flight in the US and my godness that was dire stuff!!

We were going from SFO to Burbank, which according to Google maps takes 5h35min to drive. Flying, we landed at LAX after midnight rather then planned time 9pm at Burbank airport.

United canceled their flight after delaying it a few times and rebooked us to an American, which in their turn completely messed up the treatment of my check-in bag. It didn’t make onto the AA flight so we instructed them to delivery it to our SF address. By luck and sussed United employee, my bag was in Burbank so we took it home.

Moan over, now to the main point 😉

I liked having a peak around in Beverly Hills. MH had someone to see which gave me some free time … however I was knackered from just a few hours sleep so I kept it fairly quite. I drove passed Rodeo Drive and that area … very nice. I sat down at a Starbucks on Wilshire Dr and then I went around for a drive I the area.

The weather was so fab … not this damn constant cool-ish wind that is always on in SF. It was much cleaner and no bums around but then again, it was one of THE nice area in LA.

I think this is the skyline of LA – not that impressive.

LA Downtown skyline?I was here

From driving around:

Palm treesKitson

Houses in da hood:


I found a Parisian cafe and they had huge cinnamon bun *hooooray*

More cinnamon

My latest vice

Saturday, August 4 2007

I have found one thing here in the US that I now simply cannot understand why it is not sold in Europe.

Cinnamon Swirl Bread *ta ta daaaa*Cinnamon Swirl Breadcinnanmon slice bread

So far I found that Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Swirl Bread is both the tastiest and cheapest.

When I was standing in the queue, in my boredom, I see this next to the queue … sneaky product placement, I’d say 😉

Cinnamon cookies so I buy it. Carry it all the way home and to my disappointment, they hardly taste cinnamon 🙁 🙁 And when I look closer at the ingredients, the cinnamon is at the end of list.

Note to self: check these things while standing in the queue.

Now if you excuse me for this non-important post … I actually have to go. There is some cinnamon swirl bread left.

Not sorry

Thursday, August 2 2007

I am not sorry that this man has died, the man who tried to blow up Glasgow Airport.

Just over a month, he has been in intensive care and in a burn unit before he died. On the tax payers and the people he hate so much expense.

I can only hope that he has not taken up a hospital bed so other, the deserving citizen / residents of the UK, have suffered and not getting the care they should.

Once again, these terrorists are completely ok to take from the society that they hate and sees an enemy … pathetic.

No tax payers money should be spent on his funeral … let his family or his terrorist mates pick up that bill.

Source: BBC