Sunday, July 29 2007

Skype has been popping up to my attention after a long time of being idle in background. I like Skype in general, it is a good way of staying in touch and making cheap calls to friends & family in Europe and rest of the world. The software is free, rarely give me any hassle.

Of course there are always a few things on the wish list of improvements, like spell check on the IM and open up the IM platform so that it can be incorporated into other service.

I don’t know about your ways, but for IMs I have Skype on plus Pidgin that incl Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM etc. Why not be able to add Skype too?

I went to a research / focus group for Skype. I can’t tell you what they showed but I can say I was not so impressed by it. Not much innovation. In fact, what I missed was an Skype application that I could download and use it on my mobile / cell phone.

Well, couple of days later MH found Fring. This is a free software that enables the following services: Skype and Gtalk/MSN and SIP (dunno know what this is yet) AND Twitter *woohoo*

I have used it for awhile and I like it despite it sometimes mini-freezes the phone and I have not been able to get my SkypeIn number to work.

The last bit of Skype action, received yesterday, was a sneaky sneakers ad. A try to some innovative advertising or maybe a scam – I didn’t bother to find out. Blocked and Declined.sneaky snickers ad

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