Wednesday, July 18 2007

I am not in a full blog mode at the moment. During the day, a thought of blog post pop ups and then it fades away.

It is a strange mix with being busy of everyday things and nothing exciting happening.

Our new apartment is soon(-ish) in order, finally getting the furniture and sorting the place out. The moving boxes are just, well, dull and we have had them around for several months. This place is getting nicer 🙂

There was some unforeseen moving out expense, like we got slammed with a expense for 6 hours painting the wall. WTF? I think that came after I went down and talked to the manager about not-mentioned carpet cleaning expense. *Ugh* so glad to be out that place now.

Also, an hour a day goes to watch UK’s Big Brother – this is another super good year. I saw a few episodes of the US version, and that was baaaaad. I can see why that show is not big here. UK: extrovert nutcases US: scheming players

Last week, I saw Sicko. I had whole blog post in my head but … but anyway, my take is that the US system has forgotten all about the human care. Like volunteers in 11 Sept aftermath not getting the proper health care – absolutely no excuse for that kind of treatment. This film is more then not-suitable health system, it is also showing the official representation of the US’s ‘enemies’. The film scratches the surface and the baddies are not 100% bad as they made out to be. Who gains from that? It is a film worth watching.

I have also seen Bruce Will’s film Live Free or Die hard and learned a new expression “Jumping the shark” when Mr Hero is walking on a flying F15. Good action film, though 🙂

In the intermediate, I still do some twittering.

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