Reality check: Car bombs in London

Friday, June 29 2007

Reality knocked hard this morning when I opened up my browser; I have as my start page. I had actually had to do a double-read on the main news story.

A massive car-bomb has been found in Central London and thankfully disarmed. The first reports are saying that a police officer removed a mobile phone used to detonate the bomb and took it out of range of the bomb. Thank you! You did it with your life on the line. Very quick thinking!!

And now, a second car-bomb was found and again thankfully disarmed in Central London.

The first one was definitely set-up to cause maximum deaths, outside a nightclub in West End, late at night when people have been partying = less then good reactions & clear thinking. The second one was aimed for the more affluent area.

There is always a risk to draw lines of conclusions when there might be a coincident, but the date is awful close to the 7 July terrorist attack.

And while on the subject of the 7 July terrorist attack, please while speaking of the dead: it was 52 innocent people that died that day. The 4 suicide bombers cannot be counted as people so do NOT use 56 as the number of dead. Always, always split the number between the people and suicide bombers as it is an insult for the innocent people to be lumped together the 4 suicide bombers.

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