Travel Etiquette

Friday, June 22 2007

My hols was good; short, sweet & crazy. Flying to Europe for just a week is crazy. Jet lagged work kind of well with me, I woke up early in the morning and could fall asleep easily in the evening. This meant I really take advantage of the time.

I had a connecting flight at Heathrow and one has to go through a Security check before being able to enter the terminal. And people, when UK security saying 1 (one) piece of luggage – that is exactly what they mean. One carry-on luggage and a teddy bear, that is one item too many. More then 1 item and you will not allowed to pass through.

The queue was looooooong. The queue is also split between Terminal 3 and the other terminals. After waiting almost an hour, I saw some other passenger cutting the queue. My patience after a 10 hour flight & children kicking my seat was on bare minimum. The result, a shouting match occurred. My first real loud comment “There is a queue here y’know” Some guys turned around, looked sheepish and when back to the end of the queue. One man ignored me and stayed *tsk* so now my patience was nonexistence so I said much louder: (screaming) We are standing in a queue here.

The man turned around, who was of Arab origin so I got the hand gestures as an extra, and replied: “I have children here.” I replied back; “There are families with children standing in the queue” and turn around and indicating to the family with 3 children standing behind me. The man retorts in a irritated voice (how dare I to question him??) “I have a baby here”. I was about to answer back but this exchange caught the attention of the Heathrow staff.

The clever Heathrow guy asked in the typical smart British way: “Who escorted you pass me?” The man grumpily said: Nobody. The clever guy said: “You have to go to the back of the queue. There are many families with children in the queue and you have to do the same”. Then he turned to me and winked at me. YEEEESSSSS!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I got to the connecting flight in time. I do miss the advantage by living in London and having direct flight ready to hands.

More pics and clips are coming up soon. And I have been tagged by Incognito so that is coming soon too.

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