Baseball: check

Tuesday, June 12 2007

I have been to another oh-so American thing – Baseball. Baseball is kind of like cricket, the rules are incomprehensible.

We were fortunate enough to have a friend with us who didn’t go into fits of laughters every time I asked questions about the dudes in the field.

Ok so I still don’t quite understand when the teams switches places. But I like the rule that the visiting team has to play by the home teams rules. So there is different rules with different teams.

The 7th inning stretch was … useful … but also slight odd. And the song 😉

We saw San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics (a better team from across the Bay) I really like the game and the atmosphere was great. All the fans are mixed up and cheered for their own team, and loudly gives comment.

The result was 2 Oakland and 0 for SF 🙁 but I did get to see a homerun by Oakland though. Unfortunately, I bought an ice cream just at the player hit the ball so I didn’t see that part. Ah, I just saw it A:s website (link above)

As much as us Europeans can get on our high horse and look down on at American violence, actually we should do a serious self-reflection on our own sporting events like Football (Soccer).

There was absolutely no inclination of any fighting or fans creating any disturbance. There was not a SF police officer in sight. Compared that to UK football game where there are loads of police officers (paid part by the tax payers?) to control the mobs.

The tickets were reasonable priced: $20 and that is from a ticket trout (Ticket Scouts?) compared the UK prices for a football game … would you get in the area for £10? Also, you can bring snacks and drinks (no cans) with you.

People, 42,500+SF Giants in white - Oakland Athletics in green

I have upload clips to YouTube but the processing is taking forever.

It was a great experience and I want to go again. The view in the At&T Stadium was fantastic.

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