Paris Hilton soap

Thursday, June 7 2007

Drama: check

Rich & famous: check

Money buy freedom?: check

Unpredictable outcome: check

I’ll give this soap 3 out 5 stars, I will give it 4 out 5 if we could see some Paris slammer pics.

On Friday 9am, Paris has to haul her arse back to court as her sentencing judge is not happy with the LA Sheriff dep’s actions. TMZ has the latest info.

Hmmm … isn’t the Sheriff elected and needs money to run the election? Just asking …

Big Brother UK has also been dramatic and one (white girl) of the housemates has been removed for saying the N-word in joking and not intentionally offence way. Channel 4 went on to say that any offensive behaviour to housemates or the viewing public would not be tolerated.

So why was nothing done to the two black girls also saying the N-word? Either or Channel 4 – not this in the middle way of dealing with this issue.

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