Reality check: Car bombs in London

Friday, June 29 2007

Reality knocked hard this morning when I opened up my browser; I have as my start page. I had actually had to do a double-read on the main news story.

A massive car-bomb has been found in Central London and thankfully disarmed. The first reports are saying that a police officer removed a mobile phone used to detonate the bomb and took it out of range of the bomb. Thank you! You did it with your life on the line. Very quick thinking!!

And now, a second car-bomb was found and again thankfully disarmed in Central London.

The first one was definitely set-up to cause maximum deaths, outside a nightclub in West End, late at night when people have been partying = less then good reactions & clear thinking. The second one was aimed for the more affluent area.

There is always a risk to draw lines of conclusions when there might be a coincident, but the date is awful close to the 7 July terrorist attack.

And while on the subject of the 7 July terrorist attack, please while speaking of the dead: it was 52 innocent people that died that day. The 4 suicide bombers cannot be counted as people so do NOT use 56 as the number of dead. Always, always split the number between the people and suicide bombers as it is an insult for the innocent people to be lumped together the 4 suicide bombers.

Moving forward

Thursday, June 28 2007

Just a quick and random post …

Moved in, got internet access. I used to wonder what people did before ATM:s now it is internet access.

With high risk of sounding full of myself, the view from our flat is stunning. I can see that Bay, I love being close to water. Pic below is from my trip:From the boat

Got 1Fishing spot

I did ended up having a ridiculous long ‘discussion’ with MH where the L-shaped sofa should be positioned in the flat so we could get the most of the view.

Another problem solved, where the Diet Coke’s goes:img126.jpg

Someone, either at Coca Cola or the Architect, designed the kitchen cupboard well 🙂

Presenting: Mollie

Saturday, June 23 2007

This is Mollie, my best friend’s husband’s dog and no dog beats her in obedience. Mollie eating grass

I forgot that I can’t rotate videoclip – sorry!

Me having a go. The great thing with Mollie is that she follows the commands, not who is saying them. She is so so sooooo cute, isn’t she?

She loves, loves taking a swim in the sea.

I have two more clips on YouTube: here and here. And some more pics over at Flickr.

Travel Etiquette

Friday, June 22 2007

My hols was good; short, sweet & crazy. Flying to Europe for just a week is crazy. Jet lagged work kind of well with me, I woke up early in the morning and could fall asleep easily in the evening. This meant I really take advantage of the time.

I had a connecting flight at Heathrow and one has to go through a Security check before being able to enter the terminal. And people, when UK security saying 1 (one) piece of luggage – that is exactly what they mean. One carry-on luggage and a teddy bear, that is one item too many. More then 1 item and you will not allowed to pass through.

The queue was looooooong. The queue is also split between Terminal 3 and the other terminals. After waiting almost an hour, I saw some other passenger cutting the queue. My patience after a 10 hour flight & children kicking my seat was on bare minimum. The result, a shouting match occurred. My first real loud comment “There is a queue here y’know” Some guys turned around, looked sheepish and when back to the end of the queue. One man ignored me and stayed *tsk* so now my patience was nonexistence so I said much louder: (screaming) We are standing in a queue here.

The man turned around, who was of Arab origin so I got the hand gestures as an extra, and replied: “I have children here.” I replied back; “There are families with children standing in the queue” and turn around and indicating to the family with 3 children standing behind me. The man retorts in a irritated voice (how dare I to question him??) “I have a baby here”. I was about to answer back but this exchange caught the attention of the Heathrow staff.

The clever Heathrow guy asked in the typical smart British way: “Who escorted you pass me?” The man grumpily said: Nobody. The clever guy said: “You have to go to the back of the queue. There are many families with children in the queue and you have to do the same”. Then he turned to me and winked at me. YEEEESSSSS!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I got to the connecting flight in time. I do miss the advantage by living in London and having direct flight ready to hands.

More pics and clips are coming up soon. And I have been tagged by Incognito so that is coming soon too.

While packing

Wednesday, June 20 2007

If you have been in the same situation, a full suitcase and just a few more essential items to go in the full case, may I suggest you do the following:

Zip up the bag.

Stand it up and let gravity do its thing.

Wait a little while.

Open the case while standing up and push in the remaining items.

It worked for me and might work for you to 🙂

Now, I am home and going to unpack. However, we are moving soon so all of the stuff needs to packed again.


Tuesday, June 12 2007

I am going back to Europe for a week. The schedule is busy and I am not sure what the level of internet access there will be.

If only there was internet on the flights, that would make the 10 hours go quicker.

Mind me, I really need to sleep a lot on the plane to get into the right time zone for arriving. I have no time to waste.

Twitter is short and hopefully sweet and easy to do. But I am sure you will manage a little while without me … but not for too long 😉

Baseball: check

Tuesday, June 12 2007

I have been to another oh-so American thing – Baseball. Baseball is kind of like cricket, the rules are incomprehensible.

We were fortunate enough to have a friend with us who didn’t go into fits of laughters every time I asked questions about the dudes in the field.

Ok so I still don’t quite understand when the teams switches places. But I like the rule that the visiting team has to play by the home teams rules. So there is different rules with different teams.

The 7th inning stretch was … useful … but also slight odd. And the song 😉

We saw San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics (a better team from across the Bay) I really like the game and the atmosphere was great. All the fans are mixed up and cheered for their own team, and loudly gives comment.

The result was 2 Oakland and 0 for SF 🙁 but I did get to see a homerun by Oakland though. Unfortunately, I bought an ice cream just at the player hit the ball so I didn’t see that part. Ah, I just saw it A:s website (link above)

As much as us Europeans can get on our high horse and look down on at American violence, actually we should do a serious self-reflection on our own sporting events like Football (Soccer).

There was absolutely no inclination of any fighting or fans creating any disturbance. There was not a SF police officer in sight. Compared that to UK football game where there are loads of police officers (paid part by the tax payers?) to control the mobs.

The tickets were reasonable priced: $20 and that is from a ticket trout (Ticket Scouts?) compared the UK prices for a football game … would you get in the area for £10? Also, you can bring snacks and drinks (no cans) with you.

People, 42,500+SF Giants in white - Oakland Athletics in green

I have upload clips to YouTube but the processing is taking forever.

It was a great experience and I want to go again. The view in the At&T Stadium was fantastic.

Paris Hilton soap

Thursday, June 7 2007

Drama: check

Rich & famous: check

Money buy freedom?: check

Unpredictable outcome: check

I’ll give this soap 3 out 5 stars, I will give it 4 out 5 if we could see some Paris slammer pics.

On Friday 9am, Paris has to haul her arse back to court as her sentencing judge is not happy with the LA Sheriff dep’s actions. TMZ has the latest info.

Hmmm … isn’t the Sheriff elected and needs money to run the election? Just asking …

Big Brother UK has also been dramatic and one (white girl) of the housemates has been removed for saying the N-word in joking and not intentionally offence way. Channel 4 went on to say that any offensive behaviour to housemates or the viewing public would not be tolerated.

So why was nothing done to the two black girls also saying the N-word? Either or Channel 4 – not this in the middle way of dealing with this issue.

For Cat Worshippers

Monday, June 4 2007

We have all asked the question “What do cats do when they go out?” It has always been a bit of mystery.

One guy, J Perthold, had the genius idea of building a CatCam and after a two tries – it is always the Cat factor too – the cat Mr.Lee came back with the CatCam intact. The pics are so great and a fab insight of the unknown cat world.

This story made onto Digg currently 6987 diggs so the guys site is down.

Links are here and here. There are two more pages but I can’t access them now. Be patience and lucky!

I so hope to see more of Mr Lee’s adventures 🙂

UPDATE: The new link to Me Lee’s CatCam is – many thanks Juergen 🙂

Nerd or not?

Saturday, June 2 2007

I am nerdier than 64% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out! 

Your Score Summary

Overall, you scored as follows:

34% scored higher (more nerdy),
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What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:
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2% scored the same as me?? Hmm