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Wednesday, May 30 2007

Back no 1: – get your fix of sunglasses. The blogger went AWOL and that hurt real baaad 😉 – just goes to show how addictive this blog is.

Back no 2: UK’s Big Brother. I know many other countries has BB too but nobody does it even close as good as the UK version (no, I have not seen the other ones). We are talking a 24 hour mainly live coverage on a digital channel plus 2 or 3 daily shows on the main channel. There is endless supply of nutters in the UK that wants to be on TV over the summer. This year, only female housemates. It is gonna be a good one and I have to root a bit extra for Carol, 53 from East London. Tracey is man – I am sure of it, pink hair or not. And there is wannabe Victoria”Posh”Beckham too. Here they are.

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