Ron Dennis = two faced

Monday, May 28 2007

Ron Dennis of the McLaren F1 team is sooooo two-faced. When his team is doing team orders, he is using smart language to defended himself. When Ferrari came close to it, he was one of loudest loud-mouth around moaning & complaining & bitching about it.

Even MH is being two-faced about it, he was such a pain in my arse and the grief I had to take from him when it was Ferrari related. Now it is like so low-key and even robbing the talented British driver Lewis Hamilton of a potential win – it is not such a big deal anymore. At least the Brit press is up in arms about it 🙂

Personally, I want to see team orders, unlimited spending, no limits on engines and tires, no race fuel during Q3 and uncensored team radios. Lets have this sport full on.

And oh I just have to mention that loser David Coulthard also should bit the grass real hard … he so knew what he was doing when he blocked Kovalienen during the quali and ruining the guy’s hot lap. David Coulthard has obviously learned his old boss Ron Dennis when it comes to being a loud mouth of other people’s mistakes and then go and do it themselves.

I still miss Michael!

These days I find myself hoping that Lewis Hamilton should win. Kimi Raikkonen is coming a distant second cos I don’t think he will win. He lacks commitment – as highlighted in a previous post – and the anon source from McLaren who said “You have to build a tank” for Kimi to drive looks to be spot on. He drove his Ferrari into pieces in Monaco.

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