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Friday, May 25 2007

Our lease is coming up for renewal, and we  have received our offer: The new rent with over 10% increase *boohoo*

We were – obviously – not happy about that. We spoke to the lease manager during the week, and it turned out that he had done his math wrong and increased the rent too much. Also, our lease was less then 12 month so in fact the increase was much more then 10%. But they would not budge.

This is a good site to check the reviews where you live: http://www.apartmentratings.com/ 

Nothing is included in our rent, we pay separately for trash, water (Very expensive!!), electricity and insurance. If we want to get a parking space here, we have to pay extra and we would not get a designated place – they have some sort of valet parking.

We have been looking at Craigslist – it is after all San Francisco 🙂 – and realised that for a higher rent we would get more for our money. Utilities, parking space, sometimes internet are included. Some of the places even has the washer/dryer unit in the flat.

Am I becoming a Housewife?? I got so delighted to read one ad that a Miele washer in the flat but the place is in a dodgy area. I don’t like these crud US appliance that I have come across – they are not doing their job properly!!

Tomorrow we have two viewing’s in the same area as we live now. Just maybe one of them will be right.

Today, I also called DMV. We need to get CA drivers licence and start that process. We have to do a written test for $27 each, fill in some forms and I am sure there will be something else while we are down there. I did two online tests and let just say I need to brush up one or two facts 😉 The good thing the material is available free online.

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