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Monday, May 21 2007

With my last post about Du’a Khalil Aswad, I got a first time commentator and the comment was only a link, which in my views is equal to spam.

My dilemma is that the url was on topic. I wrote an email to this person, to give it a 2nd chance. “I have had a quick look at your website and it looks genuine to me but since you only put a link as comment, that nothing more then spam. Hopefully you can add some words and more of your thoughts then only posting a link … until then I will not approve your comment.”

The reply I got back shows that this person is a lobbyist and worse, not understanding the blogosphere. And being a lobbyist for a good cause – that is a crime.

“I have leaving a quick link on many many blogs and I have become to worn out to leave a comment on each one (oh the arrogance!! and this one-way corporate style is so old school and inefficient), particularly since I am chairing the debate at Amnesty International tonight and have many things to do. (Oh is that suppose to impress me and say Oh Ok then … let me be your slave and publish your links.) … You are welcome to delete the comment: the most important thing is to mention our petition” (You are so not getting it)

Lobbyist, if you are going to ‘use’ the blogosphere, at least understand the how it works. In short, it is all about: CONVERSATIONS

My blog rule: I am not going be talk to and being used. No matter what the cause is. It is up to the lobbyist to have the right knowledge to promote their cause. 

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