Today’s sightseeing

Sunday, May 13 2007

Another day with a car = more pic & clips. I have been busy with my camera today and taken a couple of clips. The most traditional is going down the zig-zag part of Lombard Street.

We stared the day with a trip to Ritual Roasters but sadly they didn’t have any of that gorgeous Gingerbread and the chocolate chip cookie was below par. Afterwards, we went to Dolores Park and I took a 360 clip of it.

I also took clips of driving along Mission Street. Clip: 1 and 2.

We also went to Treasure Island, the piece of rock that split the Bay Bridge and that most drivers think “One day I am going to take that exit and see what it is like” We did and yes, here is another 360 clip.

A week or so ago, part of the highway melted cos of a petrol truck exploded – and this is the state of repairs today.Less damaged then before

The car goes back on Monday so this is the end of this run of sightseeing, pic and clips!

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