Diet Coke update

Wednesday, May 9 2007

slim – stop rolling your eyes!!

One of the things I love living here in the US is that it is much more products to choose from. Like the new Diet Coke plus that I came across in Safeway the other day. It was the last box so I had to buy it.

Diet Coke plus

Apparently, this one has some added vitamins. What do I know? It tastes ok but that last kick on the tongue is missing.

No – I am going back to this one … Diet Coke Splenda.

Diet Coke Splenda

Apparently, this one has a (more?) natural sweetener then the regular Diet Coke which allegedly has a carcinogenic component in it. What do I know? It tastes good and has that last kick on the tongue 😉

The regular Diet Coke tastes the best.

The worst is Coca Cola light – a different recipe and so far China’s version has been the most yucky one.

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