Catching up

Wednesday, May 2 2007

Yesterday, I was numb and had no energy whatsoever. I guess I have a limited quota of being social and that was zapped up by the inlaws. Still, in the evening we went out to a dinner and party and it wasn’t that bad. I did zoom out occasional. A mini break was at the balcony, playing with my Treo and took a video clip of the pool outside and emailed it to YouTube and a pic to Flickr.

Over the weekend, we took the BART to Berkeley. We walked around for a bit and saw a few of the university buildings. The campus is massive! It had a chilled atmosphere and some typical signs 😉


We also went to Twin Peaks. I can recommend this spot if you are visiting SF. The view is spectacular!! It goes from the Pacific Ocean to the SF Bay and the insight of how small city SF really is. Annoyingly, I ran out of battery in my camera (WHY, Canon, can’t there be a battery symbol as it is on mobile phones???)Market St and downtown

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