On the Bay: video

Sunday, April 8 2007

On the Bay

Sunday, April 8 2007

We were on the Bay, on a boat trip. A friend had invited us and it was such a good idea. The weather however was windy and those where cold winds and the sun took a leave of absence behind some clouds.

I should have worn more, thicker clothes. A few minutes on the boat someone said the magic words “There are gloves and hats downstairs” After that it was much better 🙂

I had my camera with me and here are some of the pics – the rest are on Flickr.

A bit of a tilt IMG_1855

Lots and lots of seagulls at AlcatrazIMG_1915

One big door shut

Thursday, April 5 2007

The US dept that deals with H1-B applications received enough after a few days so they will not accept any more. Open again: 1 April 2008. Oh bugger! And just to clarify, I am not one of those that managed to get an application in. If I was going to be fortunate enough next year, I will go to wherever their offices is and hand delivered it to them.

A real grumpy part of me is hoping that US citizens are having an equal difficult time to get work visas in the EU.

The other door still open for me is to try to find employment with non-profit and/or federal/state agencies. Somehow, in today’s suspicious climate the federal/state option does not feel viable.

Nonprofit, it is then and I have no experience dealing with these organisations. At most, I get fucking annoyed by the charity-muggers on the street of London. I shall do my best to keep an open mind but I can tell you one thing I will not do: Fundraising. Not me, not my kind of thing and not that desperate.

Maybe I am just too pissed off to see it all clearly and things will work itself out beautifully?

Sleep, I love it but … Part 2

Tuesday, April 3 2007

I knew it!! Knew it!! I said this several time after reading an article about different sleep pattern. Always good to get confirmation.

This article from the Danish organisation “B Samfundet” is a joy to read. The 4 first line are superb:

The agricultural society was for A-people –
The innovation society needs B-people!

Why do we still get up at cockcrow and when the cows moo, when only 5% of the population work within agriculture or fishing?

B-people – me me me – has inner day-and-night lasting 25-27 hours. What did I write in my Part 1 post? I am on 26-27 hour clock. However, I do find it unfortunate to call it “B-people” as if I should be 2nd class but I do see and understand their point. We do live in a tyranny that only suits A-people.

So what I call body clock, has a more scientific term, circadian rhythm, and a gene has been found that control it. I could have told you that but again, confirmation is always good.

Now I hope this movement will have an immediate WORLDWIDE IMPACT – countries should be thinking of their competitive advantages. At the moment, it is vital that the USA takes this into action.

Oh boy I am so pleased after reading this!

My clip from Xmas day made into the California Coastal Views Film Festival. I am so chuffed 🙂

Totally unexpected … internet brings a lot of fun and unpredictability, I’d say.

There are a lot of nice clips chosen so I am excepting anything. This is good as it is.