Too tired to blog, or so I thought

Sunday, April 29 2007

My oh my, it has been busy with the in-laws here. I want some proper ‘me laptop time’ but that will come later in the week when they are going away for a few days.

A good portion of the time is discussing what should be today’s itinerary. A lots of drama, which I truly HATE, and some very uncomfortable moments have also been endured.

Some nice time has also been spent, like today was a good day. The pics are coming later to Flickr. But I checked their travel plans, they are staying to mid May …

I can’t be arsed to copy & paste the html code from the 2 YouTube clips that I just uploaded. The view is from Twin Peaks and it shows, in grainy YouTube format, that how small San Francisco really is and the peninsula from Golden Gate bridge to the San Francisco Bay isn’t that wide.

I have done shopping today – the highlight! A late birthday present, I got some green Gucci sunglasses that I just love. They are a bit different from the current fashion but they still a classic Gucci design.IMG_2143IMG_2142

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