Daytrip Half Moon Bay etc

Wednesday, April 25 2007

MH got family visiting so normal routines are out of the window. Like I woke up at 6.40am (!) with a shitty headache and a worry that I had to pick up the rental car from the garage before 8.00am.

Parking in San Francisco is a rip-off. I got in to an argument with a parking attendant / cashier who wanted $25 for the car to stay in the garage from 19:00 to 8:00. There is ‘in and out’rates and overnight rates – a complete scam.

The first stop of the daytrip was at famous coffee shop called Ritual Roasters. I don’t like it though, I think it is too noise and the loos are smelly 🙁 but the gingerbread was superb 🙂


Then we drove down to Half Moon Bay via Highway 1. Once again, it is a gray-ish day and little sunshine. I want to get the CA sun, like now!! The beach was more or less the same as the previous places I have been to. However, their Main St is very charming and kind of have a film set feel to it.IMG_2051IMG_2049IMG_2066

We had a nice lunch here.


After that we headed back north to the top of the peninsula and to Golden Gate bridge. No pics … I have done this a few times and it the same as before. Then there was a short trip & stay at Haight Ashbury. The best thing that came out that stay is that I have a new Ben & Jerry’s fav: Cinnamon Buns YUM!!

Now, I am in bed and have been for the last hour, knackered and I have my shitty headache back.

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