Wednesday, April 18 2007

This is not a payperpost, who btw had a booth at Web2.0 but no people around … it didn’t go down v well with the visiting bloggers.

These are the companies that I stopped by and what freebies I picked up – in random order. Some of it is yada yada to me but maybe for you this make sense 🙂

* This is something that I have already signed up for: thinkfree.com it is online free service with spreadsheet, word and powerpoint … miles better then Google’s version. Also, it is very similar to MS Office – nothing to re-learn.

* Another photosite: luckyoliver.com and credit promo here.

* ask.com had this freebie:asksmells of marzipan…!?!

*yoursharade.com; index your possessions and share with your social network.

*myvideoop.com; based on Open ID – invite code

*Microsoft had a low-key presences, the web isn’t their strong side. They are going to launch a Developer and a Designer network at phizzpop.com. I have to give them credit for using and buying the rights to Hugh MacLeod pisstake on MS.Microsoft / phizzpop

*optaros.com: Web2.0 Consultants working with Enterprises.

*tellme.com: Call, text or download for free to find out what business is where. Got a fresbie from them.

*fatdoor: not launched yet and couldn’t say much but it was a clever way to create interest & a buzz plus they swiped the conference badge to get the goers details so now they must have an impressive CRM.

*cumbrianhouse.com: crowdsourcing. The way I understand it is that you might submit an idea and other people will pitch in or you can get involved with someone else idea. Some ideas might go so far that an company is being created. I have registered to see what it really is.

*Google was there and I was peaking at one of the screen and this is the page on their screen. Google had a cool freebie – a flashing bulb and here is my YouTube clip.

Google flashing bulbGoogle flashing bulb

Google was highlighting Google checkout and opposite them was PayPal … kind of funny.

*Bungeelabs: for developers

*AOL/AIM: had good freebies, a note stand and USB 2.0 extension cable, and 512MB memory stick. Open AIM (their equivalent to Open ID?) and a Presence and IM widget. The script is here and here.AIM open

4 Responses to “Web2.0Expo”

  1. sam Says:

    Sharade looks ineresting – criminals might want to take a look at it though :S

  2. Jay Says:

    I myself been tryin to check web 2 fo long.. and thats a nice list.. of sites.. too bad i am not gettin enough hours of web now a days. :((

  3. lizze Says:

    ThinkFree is what I like and it seems v good.

    Jay – the list will stay, I am not going to delete (for you only)

  4. Stellina Says:

    Oooh, neat. I love the Ask freebie (marzipan + lip balm = genius), but for my money the coolest thing there is the Google orb thing.

    Not as useful as AOL’s offering, but mesmerizing.