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Tuesday, April 17 2007

There a big-ish conference going on at the moment: Web 2.0 Expo and that is supposedly the direction of internet. You can follow the updates on Twitter:

Twitter is still going strong and are growing. They have had problems with the IM clients but that is fixed now. If you haven’t sign up for the free service Twitter do so now 😉

Another thing that is getting a lot of interest is:

A guy with camera on his cap, broadcasting live 24/7. One of ‘hightlights’ was on Day 3, a viewer called the police/swat who busted in to his flat and he is sitting with his hands up. He is around is Web 2.0 Expo too.

Yesterday, Jay, I went to one of your favorites: Netvibes and I picked up a free Tshirt for you … if you want it -do let me know.


I have a new gadget that I love: Treo 700wx I can check my gmail, IM, surf the web and oh yeah, make calls on it too 😉 No complaints (!!!) … well except (of course) the alarm – it does not wake me up…


Yes, I have Cute Knut as my backdrop.

I have to reluctantly admit that Flickr has a new good feature. I can now upload new pics from my Treo 700wx directly to my Flickr account. I have already tested it and it went v quick. YouTube allows you to upload clips via your mobile … I have not tried that yet.

This morning I spent about 1,5 hour on eBay, searching for 2gb SD card, preferably SanDisk, to my Treo. What right old pain that was!! Totally not userfriendly and ONLY scam friendly. The same goes for too. I ended up paying $26 for it, incl postage and insurance. But it was not worth spending more time on it.

7 Responses to “Bits of this and that”

  1. Stellina Says:

    Are you at the Expo? Lucky!

    The alarm on my Palm doesn’t wake me up, either – it just seems too quiet somehow, I was never able to hear it.

    If you’re in the market for another SD card anytime soon, I’ve found the best prices are at They’re pretty reliable as well.

  2. Jay Says:

    Oyeee!! kuchi kuchi gud gal… **pulls her cheek**. aiight u aint 5 yr old.

    Send me that my San Fransico.and THanx 🙂

    Stellina .. Lmao… This gal neva goes to market .. all she does is net net net.. look at her all recent posts.. and the sites she stumbles upon..
    Lizze do u use “stumbleupon”

  3. lizze Says:

    Stellina – I’m glad that I am not the only one having difficult waking up using Palm Treo. Thx for the tip … I will try the site next time.

    Jay – I wrote you an email and bounced back … you type in a fake email *tut tut*, if you want it email me at akalizze at gmail dot com

    Markets are not that common here and I wouldn’t buy a memory card from a market – a sure thing to get ripped off.

    Nope, I know nothing about “stumbleupon” … wot is it?

  4. Jay Says:

    Jay and fake email ids… **tut tut**

    try google stumble upon is good.. takes me into the tour of some good sites randomly.

  5. lizze Says:

    Jay it is up to you, if you want the tshirt then you email me. If not, then it stays here unused 🙂

    I signed up i for Stumble upon … you influence is getting too strong 😉 … and I have already reviewed slim’s blog

  6. Jay Says:

    wannacum.(thats’ the way slim’s parent say hello :|)

    I already emailed ya..

  7. lizze Says:

    found it … in the spam folder 🙂
    have emailed you now
    over and out