Beware of

Friday, April 13 2007

I strongly feel that I have to put out a warning about this website: (no link for obvious reasons)

I registered at this site when I was looking for jobs. I have been absolutely inundated by spam, scam and phishing emails from this site.

How do I know it comes from this site? I have my own domain and I use a unique email address from each registration I do.

First warning sign was during registration there is a page where a 3rd party is offering loans. This is bad taste. If you are looking for a job, one normally is in a jam and short of cash – and I feel this site is taking advantage.

I do receive normal emails through their job agent service of current jobs. The problem is which ’employers’ they allow to have access to your data. 

Spammers, scanners & pinschers have access to personal information and I keep on getting the same job offer of working from home, leave your contact details, do bank transfer at home etc etc from several different ‘people’.

Maybe this is according to T&C – did I read it all through? No – but no matter what it said, they have lost all credibility.

Yes, I have deleted all my info with them … let just see how long it will take before all these scam emails will stop. Never is my guess.

Beware of!!

3 Responses to “Beware of”

  1. Jay Says:

    Good advice.. paaape… Thankfully, i neva had to use such sites..
    .. but, i wonder what Good information they can extract from u (rolls his eyes).. and wht wd be its use.. :-?..
    Start using softwares like privoxy and keep ur IP shielded.

  2. José A. Says:

    Thanks for the advice

  3. lizze Says:

    Thx Jay – I’ll look into privoxy and IP shielded! The problem is that it is impossible to tell which site is gonna screw you.