On the Bay

Sunday, April 8 2007

We were on the Bay, on a boat trip. A friend had invited us and it was such a good idea. The weather however was windy and those where cold winds and the sun took a leave of absence behind some clouds.

I should have worn more, thicker clothes. A few minutes on the boat someone said the magic words “There are gloves and hats downstairs” After that it was much better 🙂

I had my camera with me and here are some of the pics – the rest are on Flickr.

A bit of a tilt IMG_1855

Lots and lots of seagulls at AlcatrazIMG_1915

2 Responses to “On the Bay”

  1. Jay Says:

    .. So true.. There are so many posts, I havent read or commented on.. will do so as soon as i settle back. Rightnow busy touring all around.. just back from Himalayas…

    and Nice pics as usual …gtg laters.

  2. lizze Says:

    OH!! How cool, in two times of sense, to live close Himalayas.
    And you are hereby relieved of duty to comment on every post that I make 😉 for 2 weeks anyway