One big door shut

Thursday, April 5 2007

The US dept that deals with H1-B applications received enough after a few days so they will not accept any more. Open again: 1 April 2008. Oh bugger! And just to clarify, I am not one of those that managed to get an application in. If I was going to be fortunate enough next year, I will go to wherever their offices is and hand delivered it to them.

A real grumpy part of me is hoping that US citizens are having an equal difficult time to get work visas in the EU.

The other door still open for me is to try to find employment with non-profit and/or federal/state agencies. Somehow, in today’s suspicious climate the federal/state option does not feel viable.

Nonprofit, it is then and I have no experience dealing with these organisations. At most, I get fucking annoyed by the charity-muggers on the street of London. I shall do my best to keep an open mind but I can tell you one thing I will not do: Fundraising. Not me, not my kind of thing and not that desperate.

Maybe I am just too pissed off to see it all clearly and things will work itself out beautifully?

4 Responses to “One big door shut”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hang in there Lizzie.

    You will get where you want to be , sooner or later……..

  2. cap Says:

    Yeah, what Ian said. Keep looking, something is out there for you. And don’t blow off the government as a potential gig .. unless you have a shady past. A federal agency might be the best way to go.

  3. lizze Says:

    *breath in breath out* x 100
    it is slowly working … am going to continue looking.

    No shady past 🙂 I am clean so I will give it ago to see if anything comes from it.

  4. Incognito Says:

    They say when one door shuts another opens. You just need to be open to all avenues. Apply to any and all non-profits and as the others said, don’t discount the government. You just never know.
    turn that anger into action!
    The right thing will appear when it’s time.
    Good luck!