Sleep, I love it but … Part 2

Tuesday, April 3 2007

I knew it!! Knew it!! I said this several time after reading an article about different sleep pattern. Always good to get confirmation.

This article from the Danish organisation “B Samfundet” is a joy to read. The 4 first line are superb:

The agricultural society was for A-people –
The innovation society needs B-people!

Why do we still get up at cockcrow and when the cows moo, when only 5% of the population work within agriculture or fishing?

B-people – me me me – has inner day-and-night lasting 25-27 hours. What did I write in my Part 1 post? I am on 26-27 hour clock. However, I do find it unfortunate to call it “B-people” as if I should be 2nd class but I do see and understand their point. We do live in a tyranny that only suits A-people.

So what I call body clock, has a more scientific term, circadian rhythm, and a gene has been found that control it. I could have told you that but again, confirmation is always good.

Now I hope this movement will have an immediate WORLDWIDE IMPACT – countries should be thinking of their competitive advantages. At the moment, it is vital that the USA takes this into action.

Oh boy I am so pleased after reading this!

4 Responses to “Sleep, I love it but … Part 2”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    it was hard enough when I lost the hour for daylight savings …. now you’re going to change the whole system.


  2. Ian Says:

    a 27 hour day, where do i sign?

  3. mark reed Says:

    send me an email and you can find the new blog, sorry for all the secret squirrel stuff

  4. lizze Says:

    Cap – I’d like to change the whole world to my liking!!

    Ian – sign here:_____________________________ 😉