Too tired to blog, or so I thought

Sunday, April 29 2007

My oh my, it has been busy with the in-laws here. I want some proper ‘me laptop time’ but that will come later in the week when they are going away for a few days.

A good portion of the time is discussing what should be today’s itinerary. A lots of drama, which I truly HATE, and some very uncomfortable moments have also been endured.

Some nice time has also been spent, like today was a good day. The pics are coming later to Flickr. But I checked their travel plans, they are staying to mid May …

I can’t be arsed to copy & paste the html code from the 2 YouTube clips that I just uploaded. The view is from Twin Peaks and it shows, in grainy YouTube format, that how small San Francisco really is and the peninsula from Golden Gate bridge to the San Francisco Bay isn’t that wide.

I have done shopping today – the highlight! A late birthday present, I got some green Gucci sunglasses that I just love. They are a bit different from the current fashion but they still a classic Gucci design.IMG_2143IMG_2142

Daytrip Half Moon Bay etc

Wednesday, April 25 2007

MH got family visiting so normal routines are out of the window. Like I woke up at 6.40am (!) with a shitty headache and a worry that I had to pick up the rental car from the garage before 8.00am.

Parking in San Francisco is a rip-off. I got in to an argument with a parking attendant / cashier who wanted $25 for the car to stay in the garage from 19:00 to 8:00. There is ‘in and out’rates and overnight rates – a complete scam.

The first stop of the daytrip was at famous coffee shop called Ritual Roasters. I don’t like it though, I think it is too noise and the loos are smelly 🙁 but the gingerbread was superb 🙂


Then we drove down to Half Moon Bay via Highway 1. Once again, it is a gray-ish day and little sunshine. I want to get the CA sun, like now!! The beach was more or less the same as the previous places I have been to. However, their Main St is very charming and kind of have a film set feel to it.IMG_2051IMG_2049IMG_2066

We had a nice lunch here.


After that we headed back north to the top of the peninsula and to Golden Gate bridge. No pics … I have done this a few times and it the same as before. Then there was a short trip & stay at Haight Ashbury. The best thing that came out that stay is that I have a new Ben & Jerry’s fav: Cinnamon Buns YUM!!

Now, I am in bed and have been for the last hour, knackered and I have my shitty headache back.

A real good LOL

Tuesday, April 24 2007


Which one did you like the best?

Virus scan – for free

Sunday, April 22 2007

The other day, I did a virus scan on our main computer. After an hour or so, it came up with a message that I didn’t quite understand – “Win.32/Hacktool” in a rar file. So I left it for MH to have a look at. It was a virus and I (kind of) caught it. I felt a great satisfaction over this, for whatever reason.

The virus program we use is Ad-Aware SE Personal. It is free and can’t be used for commercial use.

It is worth a try, what do you have to loose?

Ops, has Shanna Moakler – who pressed charges against Paris – published their blackberry details online and emails?

Make up your on minds by reading this.

A celeb (??) online war approaching? Heh


Wednesday, April 18 2007

This is not a payperpost, who btw had a booth at Web2.0 but no people around … it didn’t go down v well with the visiting bloggers.

These are the companies that I stopped by and what freebies I picked up – in random order. Some of it is yada yada to me but maybe for you this make sense 🙂

* This is something that I have already signed up for: it is online free service with spreadsheet, word and powerpoint … miles better then Google’s version. Also, it is very similar to MS Office – nothing to re-learn.

* Another photosite: and credit promo here.

* had this freebie:asksmells of marzipan…!?!

*; index your possessions and share with your social network.

*; based on Open ID – invite code

*Microsoft had a low-key presences, the web isn’t their strong side. They are going to launch a Developer and a Designer network at I have to give them credit for using and buying the rights to Hugh MacLeod pisstake on MS.Microsoft / phizzpop

* Web2.0 Consultants working with Enterprises.

* Call, text or download for free to find out what business is where. Got a fresbie from them.

*fatdoor: not launched yet and couldn’t say much but it was a clever way to create interest & a buzz plus they swiped the conference badge to get the goers details so now they must have an impressive CRM.

* crowdsourcing. The way I understand it is that you might submit an idea and other people will pitch in or you can get involved with someone else idea. Some ideas might go so far that an company is being created. I have registered to see what it really is.

*Google was there and I was peaking at one of the screen and this is the page on their screen. Google had a cool freebie – a flashing bulb and here is my YouTube clip.

Google flashing bulbGoogle flashing bulb

Google was highlighting Google checkout and opposite them was PayPal … kind of funny.

*Bungeelabs: for developers

*AOL/AIM: had good freebies, a note stand and USB 2.0 extension cable, and 512MB memory stick. Open AIM (their equivalent to Open ID?) and a Presence and IM widget. The script is here and here.AIM open

Bits of this and that

Tuesday, April 17 2007

There a big-ish conference going on at the moment: Web 2.0 Expo and that is supposedly the direction of internet. You can follow the updates on Twitter:

Twitter is still going strong and are growing. They have had problems with the IM clients but that is fixed now. If you haven’t sign up for the free service Twitter do so now 😉

Another thing that is getting a lot of interest is:

A guy with camera on his cap, broadcasting live 24/7. One of ‘hightlights’ was on Day 3, a viewer called the police/swat who busted in to his flat and he is sitting with his hands up. He is around is Web 2.0 Expo too.

Yesterday, Jay, I went to one of your favorites: Netvibes and I picked up a free Tshirt for you … if you want it -do let me know.


I have a new gadget that I love: Treo 700wx I can check my gmail, IM, surf the web and oh yeah, make calls on it too 😉 No complaints (!!!) … well except (of course) the alarm – it does not wake me up…


Yes, I have Cute Knut as my backdrop.

I have to reluctantly admit that Flickr has a new good feature. I can now upload new pics from my Treo 700wx directly to my Flickr account. I have already tested it and it went v quick. YouTube allows you to upload clips via your mobile … I have not tried that yet.

This morning I spent about 1,5 hour on eBay, searching for 2gb SD card, preferably SanDisk, to my Treo. What right old pain that was!! Totally not userfriendly and ONLY scam friendly. The same goes for too. I ended up paying $26 for it, incl postage and insurance. But it was not worth spending more time on it.

Beware of

Friday, April 13 2007

I strongly feel that I have to put out a warning about this website: (no link for obvious reasons)

I registered at this site when I was looking for jobs. I have been absolutely inundated by spam, scam and phishing emails from this site.

How do I know it comes from this site? I have my own domain and I use a unique email address from each registration I do.

First warning sign was during registration there is a page where a 3rd party is offering loans. This is bad taste. If you are looking for a job, one normally is in a jam and short of cash – and I feel this site is taking advantage.

I do receive normal emails through their job agent service of current jobs. The problem is which ’employers’ they allow to have access to your data. 

Spammers, scanners & pinschers have access to personal information and I keep on getting the same job offer of working from home, leave your contact details, do bank transfer at home etc etc from several different ‘people’.

Maybe this is according to T&C – did I read it all through? No – but no matter what it said, they have lost all credibility.

Yes, I have deleted all my info with them … let just see how long it will take before all these scam emails will stop. Never is my guess.

Beware of!!


Wednesday, April 11 2007

Just before I headed out, I had a hunch that I should take my camera with me, which I ignored. *sigh* I should have … cos I came a cross these people kind of dancing on the side of a building.

This is taken by my Treo so the quality is not that good.

This I like

Tuesday, April 10 2007

I popped in to Whole Food to pick up some cheese and butter. I have only heard horror stories what the US’s farmers are allowed to use in dairy products – antibiotics, growth hormones etc. Whole Food is expensive but is only doing ecological, organic products.

I also got some cash back, and after awhile I noticed this on one of the bills:IMG_1985

I have been to this website before, and I just had to enter this bill to see its history.

This I like, it is fun and exciting. If this was advertising, that would have been a good one.