A Day in San Francisco

Sunday, March 4 2007

Yesterday, it was a sunny day and we decided to go out for a long walk. To clear our minds of the recent travel, stress and various dramas.

San Francisco showed itself on the very best side and also had a great unpredictability to it.IMG_1671

A convention going on here? 🙂 Always one in SF!

We sat down here to have a light lunch and these people came towards up and I saw the woman in green/blue dress (who is she suppose to be???) first and said out load “Is this that a SciFi thing going on?”

Afterwards, we continued to walk, we came to Chinatown and they were celebration the Chinese New Year.IMG_1687

We walked around here for a bit and felt it was very similar to Shanghai and completely different to London’s Chinatown.

Next stop was Washington Sq, where we sat down and enjoyed the sun. It was entertaining to sit and watch people and the dogs playing.IMG_1696

Compare this to where I was a few days ago


Travel pics

Friday, March 2 2007

I have uploaded my pic and I definiatly prefer Picasa before Flickr when it comes to arranging and changing them. Flickr is better for the blogging and linking though. I have done two new sets over at my Flickr.

The flash is picking up the snowflakesSnowing

And here the focus is on the rain (former snow fakes) on the windscreen rather then on the man on the bike.Man on a bike

More in the Flickr set Tunnel Driving – but it was so unexpected and really cool of the architects to do this.IMG_1585

Police transport and one of the horses where playing up.A day in London

London traffic at lunch time (off peak)A day in London

Oh yes, these are as yummy and filled with calories as they look like … but ever so yummy.Yum x 2

Back in the USA

Thursday, March 1 2007

And it feels good! The trip back was perfect, ie nothing happened and I got an aisle seat. Economy Plus makes a difference and definitely worth doing.

We had lots of bags with us back, all those stuff that was meant to be picked up at Xmas trip came with us now. The treat was to get a van shuttle back home and not drag them around.

So the plan for the rest of the day is to stay awake as long as poss (around 1am now), take a nap, wake up in the middle of the night (most likely) catch up with my fav blogs and go through the 250 odd pics that I have taken.

I’ll be back 🙂

Update: I didn’t do too badly. Fell asleep at 17.30, woke up at 20.40 by a 4.2 earthquake, fell asleep again and now I woke up at 5.09. Should be back on right time zon now…