Kathy Sierra: Radio interview

Thursday, March 29 2007

Kathy Sierra has done a radio interview, which you can find here, which I picked up from the blog “confessions of a jersey goddess“.

The reporter didn’t ask sufficient enough what the nature of the threats she has received. I feel this is vital part and also to find the persons behind these threats. Maybe for legal reason this could not be said, but then I would like to have heard that.

She makes a short reference that not much help is to be expected from the police. I certainly hope that she has not just gone in to local police station and that’s it. A Federal investigation is needed. If there is not consequences for handing out threats, then these moron bloggers will have a field day.

She also says:

“Certainly I feel they have crossed a line,…, it was probably not a legal line”

This statement is significant. If the correspondence she has received is not illegal, well then … what can be done? First, lets give the legal system a chance to investigate and has it course.

In the meantime, the bloggers need to self-police and set the tone what is acceptable. But no blogomob mentality will ever solve the core problem, in the long-run that would lead to a PC censorship of the camp which has the most followers.

And everybody’s line and level of tolerance are different.

It is clear, after listening to the interview, Kathy Sierra fears that her life is in danger.

One Response to “Kathy Sierra: Radio interview”

  1. cap Says:

    Slim’s blog SUCKS and that is not acceptable!!

    Oh, and yeah, the police should definitely deal with the asshats who threatened the blogger. But Slim’s blog still sucks. 😀